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Since its establishment in 2006, and starting from Minya Governorate, where it was the first branch of the company, the priorities of the vision and goals of the Nile Company for Agricultural Development were the spread and agricultural coverage and the distinguished services available in all cities and governorates through its expansion plans at the horizontal level to spread and provide high quality products and technical and technical support In direct contact with farmers closely, the Nile Company for Agricultural Development has opened several branches in different and multiple governorates. The company owns a number of important exclusive agencies registered for major companies and other products from outside Egypt, indicating that the next stage will enter the company into the industrialization stage.

The company has a number of exclusive agencies from major companies such as Al Masria, Shoura Chemicals, Quesna for Agricultural Development and Beheira, all of which are specialized companies in specialized fertilizers, as the Nile Company believes in excellence in providing new vehicles through access to everything that is modern in the field of fertilizers and selects high-quality compounds that It gives the highest productivity to the farms, and the Nile for Agricultural Development provides free technical and technical support services to farmers through highly trained technical support engineers. The company provides technical information on agriculture regardless of whether or not the sale of the product is completed. The company owns a full technical support team that plays the role of agricultural guidance absentee. The Nile Company for Agricultural Development plays a large and fruitful role in spreading agricultural awareness among farmers by opening branches of the company near them and dealing through authorized fertilizers and pesticides, as well as increasing the farmer’s awareness of serving the land The Nile Company for Agricultural Development takes into account a set of criteria when opening new branches and headquarters, including the purchasing power of the place and the surrounding farms so that this area covers the expenses of labor, transportation and shipping, and this saves farmers time and effort in searching for products that may be geographically far from it. The company has remained a prominent mark in the field of agriculture in the region of Upper Egypt We are proud to serve our farmers and the agricultural community with pioneering and advanced technology in the agricultural sector. The company is distinguished by its presence in the “Upper – Lower – Eastern” region, which is famous for agriculture, as it is located in fertile areas The region is also characterized by its moderate climate and fertile soil, as well as fresh water, which makes it an ideal location for the production of the finest fruits, vegetables, olives, fodder and wheat.


Effective contribution to achieving sustainable development by investing in companies that provide high quality products and services


For Nile Agricultural Company to become one of the leading holding companies in the agricultural industries sector in Egypt and the Middle East,


We aim to achieve leadership in agricultural investment regionally by providing high quality agricultural products using modern technologies

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We at Nile Company strive for excellence in our credible identity, and we believe in good morals and honor, and we are always keen on the principles of integrity, honesty, honesty and transparency.

At Nile Company, it is always our enthusiasm, motivation and passion that shapes our personality and identity.

Nile Company believes in providing all types of education and knowledge and applying modern methods and technology at all levels of its employees.

We at Nile Company are stronger than being a team. Together we are one family, we share and together celebrate our achievements.

We believe that learning something new is not through imitation of others, but rather that it is a development that is renewed with the brightness of each new day.

Our close relationship with our clients always motivates us to offer them more than their expectations.

We at Nile Company believe that the main motive that draws the shape of the future stems from leadership, and it is the motive that we are trying to establish in the Nile community.

We believe that our success is not based solely on our ability to change, but that we change faster than our competitors.

At Nile Company, we are keen to do everything right with the highest quality in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and effort.

We at Nile Company enjoy what we do before we do what we enjoy.

The company aims and seeks to optimize the use of resources through


The Nile Agricultural Company is one of the leading companies in the quality of products, as the quality of its products commands distinguished prices. One of the elements of particular importance to the company is “quality assurance.” The company obtained the ISO and HACCP certification from the well-known accreditation body “American Systems Registration Corporation” in recognition and appreciation of the company’s excellence in the application and control of procedures.

The Nile Company for Agricultural Development is an innovative and innovative company in the field of storage technology. Today, it has the most modern storage facilities in the entire Middle East region.

In response to the rapidly changing market environment, Nile Company for Agricultural Development has become the first agricultural company in Egypt to divide its business into strategic business units, by forming a vegetable business unit, a fruit business unit, a grain business unit, an olive business unit, and an olive business unit. Feed work.Different The formation of these units, each of which has a general manager and its own full team for production, sales/marketing, finance and administrative affairs, is one of the most important decisions taken by the company throughout its history. Therefore, the company’s business units are an unparalleled experience in Egypt in The field of production, marketing and sales and directs the strategic direction and vision of each business unit “CEOs” for: (a) Strategy and business development (b) Finance (c) Operations (d) Resources In light of the company’s vision, and its strategic leadership represented by the CEO of the Nile Company for Agricultural Development.

The Nile Company for Agricultural Development is the first agricultural company in Egypt to succeed in using a range of environmentally friendly products to control insects that transmit harmful diseases, but without harming insects that are beneficial to the environment. The company has been able to reduce the use of chemicals that harm the environment dramatically. Large to the extent that it has now achieved an ecological balance between beneficial insects that control harmful insects, and then the end result is a protected environment, and products completely free of any chemical residues.

Since its establishment in 2006, one of the most important concerns of the Nile Company for Agricultural Development has been to achieve efficiency in the use of water resources in the Arab Republic of Egypt; More than 90% of the consultants that the company contracts with each year provide their consulting services on reducing water consumption in growing crops. This represents a success achieved by the company in this field, as the company is now using about half the amount of water it used before

Proceeding from our commitment to achieving social and economic prosperity in the Upper Egypt region in particular and in Egypt in general, the Nile Company for Agricultural Development provides agricultural education and guidance services to farmers in the region using an ideal use of agricultural inputs. The company also provides farmers in the region with advice and advice on the production of fruits and fruits at the lowest possible cost, which increases their income. The Nile Company is a main source of agricultural information for school students in the region. We always strive to consolidate the concept of agriculture, agricultural reclamation, and the preservation of environmental and natural resources through the establishment of an agricultural academy that aims to preserve the green area and agricultural work. The company provides training services for workers to enable them to identify agricultural concepts and experiences, and help them transfer their concepts, ideas, requirements and needs to farmers and enable them to provide their services. The Nile Company for Agricultural Development also contributes to spreading environmental awareness, by providing trees for planting. The company also supports a public campaign carried out by the government to spread awareness of health and security. The Nile Company permanently participates in international and international forums, invitations and exhibitions with major agricultural development companies in the world and holds multiple competitions bearing the concept of “ideal farms” to encourage farmers in the region to be more interested in improving their activities, increasing their productivity and ensuring the continuation of the economic and social development process.

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